As a Realtor© and home owner, I’ve experience many levels of renovations. What I’m personally comfortable renovating may be completely different than what some of my buyers would like to do. These days there are many lending programs for home buyers that help with renovation costs, but aside from those. Just using creative thinking may help you live like a queen or king, in a modestly grand home.

If you are considering buying a home that may need some work and you want to do renovations yourself. Here are a few simple ideas for renovating on a budget.

Simple Cosmetic Fixes

Ever see an entry door that looks in disrepair? Plants that are dead? Paint that is dated? Window shades that don’t bring in light?

Well the good news is, sometimes simple cosmetic fixes bring so much life to a home that it changes the appearance entirely.

Doors can be easily dealt with by painting them a good color that highlights the home entry. If a door is need of a complete lift, there are many antique and architectural salvage dealers that acquire or save old doors. In Jersey City there are some great resources, one of which Amighini Architectural. So many homes in Jersey City are historic and when renovating buyers will need to adhere to historic guidelines to keep facades in-tact.

Plants do a world of good for people, both inside the home and outside. Indoor plants can help purify air. Outdoor plants can be statement pieces, accenting architectural lines. If you don’t have a green thumb, do your research and invest in plants that are easy to maintain and require minimal care.

Paint is the best way to make anything look and feel better. You can create a gorgeous accent wall or give any part of a home a new feel with a simple splash of paint.

Window coverings make a world of difference to homes that may not have enough windows or too many windows. How you direct light into your home is an essential part of daily life and can have a large affect on mood. There is such a huge selection of window shades out there.

Hardware and Fixtures

I remember moving into a home that had very high ceilings and lighting that was dim, which made those ceilings seem low. Once I installed new light fixtures with new bulbs, it looked like a completely different home. Even the paint looked like a different color. Lighting fixtures can be easily installed and with so many affordable options of architectural lighting and repurposed lighting, you have a lot to choose from.

Hardware like door handles, cabinetry knobs are also an amazing quick and inexpensive way to change the look of kitchens and baths, taking just a seconds to change out. You can find hardware everywhere on the internet and in home stores.


Sometimes floor coverings are all a bare floor needs to look stellar. Rugs are an easy fix for nicked, wood floors. Carpet tiles are simple to install as well as being readily available. There are also a varying array of easy to install click & lock engineered wood and vinyl plank flooring options, that are durable, while looking beautiful.

If you are looking to purchase a home and cannot see it for the beauty that it is, my team and I are to help.