What makes a real estate agent great?

When you are looking to hire a professional to help you with your most important investment, be in the know.


As a Realtor© I know the best way to retain clients is the ability to communicate thoroughly, with ALL PARTIES, involved in a transaction. It’s surprising to me how many clients don’t have the time to speak with me on the phone when they are looking for a home or wanting to sell their home. If I cannot connect with them initially, to go through their list of needs and wants, I will have a very hard time attempting to get them say, their dream home. Yes, the internet has claimed to help people buy and sell properties but ultimately, the negotiations are done by people, those people are licensed real estate agents. We can help anyone once we understand everything about their needs, wants, motivation, property information, timeline and anything. We have to be able to listen and work for them as true fiduciaries.

Area Knowledge and Knowhow

We are experts in specific areas. In some states, like mine in New Jersey, we have several different MLS’s (Multiple Listing Service) and several boards that we can become members of in order to access that area’s MLS. I’m well aware that my team and I are experts in Hudson, Bergen, Union and Essex Counties, but if I have a client that is looking to relocate to say a far Western or Southern portion of the state, we have a very large state here, I find the best referral agents that are local experts in that area to help them. Our expertise is our greatest achievement. Also, knowing the market means understanding the pool of resources it has to offer its residents, in order to help our home buyers and sellers have the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

Past Client Reviews

If you want to know about the Realtor© or licensed real estate agent you are interviewing, a search through their website should come up with reviews. I sometimes connect clients past clients to current ones, as reference.

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