5 Reasons Selling Your Home on Your Own is a Mistake

When you think about professionals and the services you pay those professionals to do, such as hair stylists/colorists, personal trainers, estate planners, financial planners, doctors etc. All professionals are professionals for a reason. 



Accredited professionals work countless hours on their state required learning to obtain licensing in their course of study, they gain knowledge from continuing education as is required and all that work helps them hone their craft. You’ve probably heard of the “10,000 hour rule”. Well it does indeed take about 10,000 hours of practicing something to truly understand all of its nuances.

1- SAFETY & Multiple Listing Services – As real estate agents we pay into devices & applications provided by our MLS to access to bluetooth lockboxes where your home keys are placed for accessing a property safely (only paying real estate agents have access to these) and third party showing systems. Both of these systems log in who has accessed the keys to your home. I once went to a property where the keys were not in that box and through the log I quickly called the last agent who showed it, of course they have forgotten to place the keys back, keys were back in a matter of moments! 


2- CIS & LEGAL DISCLOSURE FORMS – Do you know what you and your buyers should be signing to understand all legalities of showing your property? There need to be specific forms signed in order to have no legal implications on selling your home. An experienced real estate agent has these at the ready, for easy digital signature  because it’s standard.


3- MLS ACCESSIBILITY-  Are you a member of the MLS? Multiple Listing Services offer the most exposure to buying brokers. Let me be honest here, I’m honest with all of my clients and if you are reading this, I hope you are already one or become one shortly. Although our pre-market platform may have me bringing you a direct buyer, I actually want all of our cooperating buyer brokers in our MLS’s (I’m a member of 3 in Northern NJ) to be able to see and show your property to their pool of pre-approved and qualified buyers.  Of course there are flat fee and discount brokerages out there that can post your home on the market and let you do all the work, but imagine walking out of the doctors office with half your stitches? Not a comfortable spot to be in.


4- NEGOTIATIONS – Negotiating contract offers is akin to nothing else in the entire world. International business MBA’s  have told me personally, when I’m selling their homes, that they cannot negotiate how I negotiate, they could not even imagine it. That’s what a professional real estate agent with experience does. We get down to the core of what is most important for the seller and work tirelessly to make that happen. We know what questions to ask potential buyers and their agents, know what pre-approvals vs pre-qualifications look like and have a rapport with agents in the business. That’s what makes our negotiation skills completely different than in any other field of work. WE WORK FOR YOU! SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON YOUR OWN LINE OF WORK.  


5- SELLERS NET MORE WITH A REAL ESTATE AGENT – Yes, we get paid on commission and that commission comes from selling property. There has been a bizarre stigma placed on real estate agents, one which I choose not to discuss here. My reasons for getting into this career as a real estate agent were because of that stigma, I wanted to change the perception of a real estate agent. Over 10 years ago my parents were desperately trying to sell their home and their real estate agent would never answer calls, took terrible  photos and really made them feel like they were not a priority. A TRUE, PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE AGENT, I thought should never make anyone feel that way, after all, my parents were investors as well, they should be treated as if they were the only clients this particular agent had. I decided I would take this career on and do things differently. That I did, I answer all my clients questions, take every call, am transparent about the process, take professional quality photos/videos, use the best furniture to stage the homes I sell and take my clients through the journey of selling their home with excitement and joy.


Using a professional will net a seller more money from selling your home through them and that is an ecstatic feeling! 


Michelle Mumoli has the experience and knowledge needed to get home sold right. Let us help you.  Our testimonials and results speak for themselves.


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