Why staging your home for sale is crucial

If you are selling your home, hiring a real estate agent with an eye for design who offers staging your property is crucial for many reasons. You'll get the most eyes on your property but also you get the most offers on your property!

Have you ever seen photos of a home with cluttered cabinets, dingy floors and unmade beds? Do you wonder why those folks have bothered to sell their property at all? Well, you may not be seeing the full picture. Let’s be real, most real estate agents are part-timers, cold callers with no people skills or sales savvy with no eye for style or passion for design.


The first impression of a property is the thought that will linger in the minds of a potential buyer. As a seller you need to work with real estate agents that are experts at telling you how to make your home leave a positive and lasting impression in a buyers mind. Our experience when first walking into a seller home or finished development is getting asked “Tell us what we need to do, to make it look it’s very best.”  Artists have a natural ability to take a challenging problem and turn it into an attractive solution. Michelle Mumoli’s artist background has helped her work on design strategies with both sellers and buyers. From envisioning a space to creating creative solutions to staging with The Mumoli Group’s staging company.


Most buyers DO NOT WANT see a seller’s family on the walls, personal trinkets or care to know who a seller’s favorite sports teams are. Buyers like to look at spaces that display furniture as they would display their own furniture. They want to envision a space in a way that they would use it themselves and with clear, minimal photos that showcase the space itself. 


Staging increases the resale value of your home. Did you know that staged homes sell for an average 17% more than non-staged homes, and 95% of staged homes sell with less days on market (industry average 11 days). 


We run our own staging company at The Mumoli Group and offer a variety of staging options for your home. Call us today for a thorough market valuation and staging consultation.